The Background

So who are you and why are you writing this blog?

Great question nonexistent person! I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue (CFS) in 2016 after a year of bouncing around NHS departments. In the last two years I’ve tried lots of different things to get back to good health, and I’m now in the process of going back to work.

As a ‘spoonie’ (a chronic sufferer slang word I love dearly), I’ve learnt a lot about myself and my outlook on life. I recently wrote a blog for my work about mental health in the workplace and I really enjoyed sharing my thoughts. Not that anyone who knows me would be surprised by that, I do love the sound of my own voice!

Jokes aside, I am hoping that by sharing some of my thoughts and experiences, at least someone out there in the wide web will feel like they aren’t alone, and that they can have hope of getting back control of their daily life, even if it’s just a little bit (we spoonies are very into small victories).

So welcome, and I hope that even if I’m not helpful, I’m a little thought provoking!

All views are my own, based on my experiences.
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